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Lyric of the Week: THAT LONG LONG ROAD

Too much work, I’m up to my eyeballs Too much dirt, in over my head Too many worries, too many cares Some days I just don’t wanna get out of bed. Too many chores that need taking care of Too many petty responsibilities Too much garbage requiring my attention Too many people want a piece of me.


Well I gotta hang on ‘cause before too long I’ll take off down that long long road The day will come and I’ll be gone Just me and my songs down that long long road

Up in the morning, get to work by 8 Spend the whole day doing stuff for others Leave by 5:30, eat dinner, then sleep Up again the next day ... I’m feeling smothered. Day in, day out, the same old routine With nothing to show but a two-week check That gets gobbled up by rent, bills, and taxes Is this all I can ever expect.

repeat chorus

I’m gonna hit that long long road Even if I have to come back at the end of the day I need some time to feel the real me again 'Cuz there's too much work and not enough play

repeat chorus

©2016 The Hesh Inc.

That long long road.
Photo: "Long Road #6954140" by SumbO

I wrote this one when the 'daily grind' at one of my previous day jobs got to be too much. I think all working stiffs can relate to this one.

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