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Lyric of the Week: WHY I STILL CARE

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

When scandal after scandal breaks in the news

And when this town can’t seem to shake those blues

And when I can’t seem to find my muse

I wonder why I still care.

When this place is run on backroom deals

No whistles blown, no squeaky wheels

And the behind-the-scenes bigshot bribes and steals

I wonder why I still care.

The plans grow stale and the buildings rot

Beyond fancy drawings we ain’t seen squat

Same players, same old plot

I wonder why I still care.

To build the future we must destroy the past

The pundits proclaim, so bold, so crass

They’re talking straight out their ass

I wonder why I still care.

This place deserves all the shit it gets

The believers leave it with few regrets

It just ain’t worth getting this upset

I wonder why I still care.

But I get in my car almost every day

Drive these streets to catch a faint ray

Of hope that may yet compel me to stay

Though I wonder why I still care.

And then I get out of the car and soak up the sea air

The voices speak, the spirit’s still there

That supernatural vibe you can’t get just anywhere

And I realize why I still care.

Nothing’s gonna pull my roots out of this ground

Nothing can take away the precious thing I found

This town belongs to me, and I belong to this town

And like it or not, I’ll always care.

©2016 The Hesh Inc.

Asbury Park boardwalk at dawn, in b&w
Asbury Park, where else?

These lyrics were written during my second burst of writing for the Soul In Exile magnum opus, which coincided with a period in which the City of Asbury Park was struggling to pull itself out of its hell years. I often wondered what in the world I was doing there, and why I insisted on staying there when there was any number of better places where I could plant myself without such woes. And then I would drive down to the boardwalk and the ocean, where I was often the only one there, and then I would understand why it all mattered.

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