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Lyric of the Week: JUST DO IT

Don’t philosophize

Don’t editorialize

Don’t formalize

Just do it.

Don’t journalize

Don’t moralize

You’ll only fossilize

If you don’t just do it.

You ain’t here to judge your work

Or arrange it in albums

Or to skulk and lurk

Just move your hands, don’t malinger, don’t shirk

Just do it.

Don’t go on and on and on

Or find all the things that are wrong

Don’t think on it too long

Just do it.

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t pontificate

Don’t repudiate

Just do it.

Don’t get caught up in the hows and whys

Don’t do it for the sake of getting the prize

Just put on paper what you see with your eyes

Just do it.

©2017 The Hesh Inc.

not the swoosh

Written sometime in the early 2000s in New Jersey as a bit of self-encouragement to break out of a dry spell of writing. Played maybe a couple of times to the four walls.

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