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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This city’s never gonna come back

As long as the negativity rules

As long as business is conducted as usual

And we the people are led around like fools

No matter where the best intentions are

This place still remains a slice of hell

Until the people gets its act together

All that’ll remain is a burned-out shell.

We have paid the price for a lack of vision

The only steps taken are the dance of death

As long as bad faith remains the rule

We’ll never see our rightful share of wealth

No kind words for those self-described saints

Who in the name of progress would decimate the past

No respect for all the factotums

Whose iconoclasm runs between obnoxious and crass.

This city means too much to too many

For just one vision to conquer the rest

All will have to be realized

For us to take our proper place with the best

All the urban ills will need to be resolved

But just the same, the landmarks must be preserved

Without a return to positive flow

The resuming desolation will be deserved.


Asbury Park, you break my heart

City of dreams and hopes and false starts

Your charm and grace are faded and concealed

But the day will come when you will be healed.

©2017 The Hesh Inc.

This song is a Soul In Exile outtake, written when the city had not quite yet shed its decades of corruption. Never recorded or performed.

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