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Lyric of the Week: QUESTIONS THAT I FACE

Updated: Apr 30

How do I pull myself out of this spiral?

How does my even keel get restored?

How do I put myself back on the path

That I was following before?

How do I prevent the evil from winning?

How do I find a way to survive?

How do I live for tomorrow as if there’s no tomorrow?

How do I celebrate being alive?


These are the questions that I face

Trying to regain my sense of place

Realizing that but for the grace

Of G-d, there go I.

How do I find a sense of peace

While we brace for a long war?

How do I find a sense of security

When things can’t be the same anymore?

How do I not succumb to the depression

When all I escaped comes crashing in?

How do I protect my children

From a future that looks increasingly grim?


How do I face the ones I love

With all these questions weighing on my mind?

How do I go about my life unaffected

By this influence of the worst kind?

How do I restore my sense of vision

Untainted by this poisonous hate?

How do I return to the love and laughter

When the barbarians are at the gate?


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dark clouds
The dark clouds hover.

This was written in the wake of 9-11, and when the 'second intifada' against Israel still raged. It expresses the sense of angst that I faced as a creative person and a family man, trying to go about my business with the dark clouds of death and destruction never far from my mind. Never set to music or performed.

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