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Summer of singles!

No, this is not some fabulous beachside get-together for the unattached! But it's arguably something BETTER!

It's all about the recordings I've been putting out since right about Memorial Day weekend, and will continue doing for the rest of the summer and beyond!

There's A Voice album cover

The latest one is THERE'S A VOICE, and it consists of all five released versions of what I call my social conscience anthem! I wrote the song back in the mid-1990s when I was living in Philadelphia (hence the picture on the cover!), and since then it has been recorded five different ways!

Love Runs Aground+Soul In Exile cover

In tandem with that is LOVE RUNS AGROUND+SOUL IN EXILE, first in my series of maxi-singles featuring vocal, instrumental, album versions, and radio edits of songs from my 2017 album release, Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground! Each one of these maxi-singles also contains all kinds of goodies, bonus and alternate tracks!

And then there are the one-song singles released over the last month, which are among the songs I have recorded with Bruce Tunkel at Beanland Studio earlier in the spring:

stripped down in Jersey - cover

These singles and others are all compiled in one volume, stripped down in Jersey, a 'virtual album' that's now available on my CD Baby and Bandcamp sites!

Look forward to more stripped down singles and Soul In Exile maxi-singles later this summer—as well as some live performances throughout the NJ-NY-PA area!

Have a great summer!

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