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Lyric of the Week: PUT IT ALL TOGETHER NOW

Fast forwards, rewinds, and throwaway lines

Notebooks, tapes, and lost thoughts

Concepts, ideas, and fantasías

Blocks and struggles hard-fought

Whittling the elements into shape

Freeing the sculpture from the stone

You can procrastinate but you can’t escape

This is the craft you’ve made your own.


You gotta put it all together now

Gather the scattered into one place

Put it all together now

Then you can look yourself in the face

Put it all together now

Assemble the pieces and build your tower

Put it all together now

Believe that you got the power.

Stalled productivity

A million unfinished projects

Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity

And it blocks you from pursuing your object

Your pipeline is all backed up

The flow is barely oozing

Your tires are all jacked up

When you wish you were moving


But you won’t let this get the best of you

After all, they’re only songs

Don’t let them make a test of you

And you’ll be on track before long

You gotta jump in for the waters to be parted

You can’t just stand there and kvetch

‘Cause this is the season for finishing what you started

This is the home stretch


©2019 The Hesh Inc.

Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity
... and it blocks you from pursuing your object.

Some encouragement in the face of severe writer's block, probably from my burst of prolificity in the early 2000s when I was still living at the Jersey Shore not long before moving to Los Angeles. I wrote a lot of songs about songwriting during this time.

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