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Let's have a BIG ROCK SHOW!

All right, friends. I've been agonizing over this for awhile now. I need your input about something important.

Let's be straightforward. I'm in my 50s. For whatever reasons in life, the chance to Make It Big in the music field has passed me by. Getting out there in the thick of the club scene and starting from the bottom is a game for teenagers and 20somethings, not guys like me at this stage of the game.

Yet the dream still lives on. I still have a huge backlog of songs and plans to record them. However, doing the live thing is where I get stuck. I make BIG music with a BIG sound, and playing it in tiny venues as a solo singer songwriter just doesn't cut it.

Just once, while I still have it in me, I want to play a BIG SHOW. But even though I have made several albums with a BIG SOUND, few beyond this website or my social media have ever heard them, and filling a large venue to match the music by the usual, conventional means is, economically speaking, not a likely prospect.

Is there any way to make it happen, though? Maybe get a few similar artists in similar life situations together, bill it as something like THE BIGGEST ROCKERS THAT YOU'VE NEVER HEARD, maybe even make it a benefit concert for a good cause, and pull some Blues Brothers–like PR stunts to get the word out? Call me a dreamer, call me over-optimistic, but I believe there still has to be a way.

Let's think outside the proverbial box here. All constructive suggestions and comments are welcome. Let's do this together and make it happen.

The Hesh Inc.'s BIG ROCK SHOW!

#rocknroll #rockmusic #shows #gigs

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