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The Artist's Way

I received The Artist’s Way 24 years ago this spring. If there was one thing that was the catalyst for bringing a lot of art into the world as well as giving my whole life some direction, it was The Artist’s Way —more than just about any other book. Certainly—I hate to say it—more than any Jewish books I’ve read. Not only that—but it helped me deal with religion and its role in my life, reframing (as it were) my relationship with G-d, and my whole perception of G-d. The shift from “רבונו של עולם” (Master of the Universe) to “בוראו של עולם” (Creator of the Universe) has been cosmos-shifting for me, and it helped me find a lot of peace within myself and also with the world around me. I dare say that The Artist’s Way has made me a better Jew, not only a better artist and better person, and it has done so more than any sefer or mussar shmooz could have done. It enabled me to look at all the bullshit that has risen up and surrounded what is really a good thing at its core, name it for what it is, and then discard it. And I am a much better person and at a much better place in life because of it.

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