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Lying here alone in the dark

In the faint glow of the clock

Counting the heartbeats in my pillow

In no mood for taking stock

Wishing someone was here to share my bed

But in the absence of that I toss and turn

Finally I sit bolt upright and hit the light

Midnight oil’s about to burn


Sometimes the best things aren’t done in the usual hours

When everyone else is around

Sometimes the best plans are laid under auxiliary power

When the ties and commitments are unbound

When it’s so late it’s early

And all the straight lines turn swirly

In these midnight hours.

Words that come hard now come easy

Once the urge has been turned loose

I was once afraid I’d run out of things to say

But now I can’t believe what gets produced

Not coming from me but through me

On the way into the general domain

Some words of love from behind or above

Or expressions of fear and pain

repeat chorus

Say everything while saying nothing at all

Showing the world what it is

Holding a mirror to society’s face

What's confusing, what’s hers and what’s his

This is what I’m trying to figure out

At least with what's going on these days

Up late at night, upside down, uptight

Out of sync, out of phase

repeat chorus

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Midnight Hours" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
When it’s so late it’s early, in these midnight hours.

It's pretty much the way it is in the lyrics ... go to bed, try to sleep, can't sleep ... may as well get up and make best use of the time. I've always kept unorthodox hours, but as I get older it's much more frequent. Best thing to do, instead of laying in bed and cursing the darkness, is to get up, turn on a little light, and have at it.

This song goes back to my burst of prolificity in the early 2000s, when I was still living at the Jersey Shore. No music, never performed live or recorded (no connection to Wilson Pickett or Billy Idol, either).

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