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All the ex-girlfriends are getting married today

Disappearing one by one, getting carried away

All the friends are touring cross-country New York to LA

And we’re stuck here in the dump and it looks like we’re gonna stay

Our life is in the garbage

Deep deep in the garbage

Our life is in the garbage

Above our heads in garbage

All the old gang is making ninety grand a year

They’re making it big ‘cause they’re far far away from here

The guys we went to school with are kicking their plans into gear

And we’re still smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking watered-down beer

Our life is in the garbage ...

Look at them and look at us

They’re driving their Mercedes while we still ride the bus

Rising like stars, making tracks

While we pay eighty percent income tax

Where are they and where are we

They’re going for their MA and their PhD

Getting the most out of university

While we go to the army out of necessity

Hey, my friend just bought a house by down payment

And I barely got a TV in 25 installments!

They’re dealing stocks and bonds, and Krugerrands

While we’re eating loof! Kosher spam in a can!

They mount their individual treasure hunts

While we take up positions on the northern fronts

Hell, the gang is doing well, insh’Allah

And we’re doing just fine, in the mizballah!

Our life is in the garbage ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Our Life Is in the Garbage" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
החיים שלנו בזבל

The song's title and chorus are a translation of an expression that was popular when I was doing my Israeli army service in the mid-1980s: "החיים שלנו בזבל." It was a lament about the boring, dirty, hurry-up-and-wait life that characterizes the army in peacetime. I was lamenting, not only the humdrum military life, but also the fact that I was stuck in it while all my friends overseas were living the life I could only dream of.

Musically, I imagined it as a big, fat, Cream-type guitar riff, to be processed in latter-day Yes style à la "Owner of a Lonely Heart." I performed it exactly once, my vocal backed by a fellow soldier on acoustic guitar, at a party my unit held on base to celebrate a successful summer field-maneuver exercise.


Translations: Loof=processed meat used in combat rations. Insh'Allah=G-d willing, in Arabic. Mizballah=garbage dump, in Hebrew pronounced with Arabic inflection.

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