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Daily Lyric: FEBRUARY

Updated: Feb 1

In the darkest depths of February

I sat in front of the light

I cleared my head and tried to sort out

Why things never seem to be right

Why every year slips through my hands

Only microns closer to my dreams

Why I’m constantly stuck doing things

That keep me locked in this routine

In deepest darkest February

I battled all the ghosts

And demons spooks and goblins

That plague me least and most

All these dark forces compel me

To sap my own primal energy

That’s better used toward creative ends

I’ve become my own worst enemy.

December is the darkest month

But February is the bleakest

Just raw cold, depression, doldrums

That leave you at your weakest

28 days in the tunnel

Waiting for the light at the end

Long night’s journey into the day

When I hope my soul will be cleansed

In slowest coldest February

Somehow I manage to cope

‘Cause in the strangest way I’ve received a sign

And there’s a way to grasp at hope

This phase that I’m in the throes of

Is only temporary

These negative influences

Will be gone like February

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Gloom 02124" - original photo by The Hesh Inc.
Gray gloom on the first of February, Shmenglewood, NJ.

Seasonal affective disorder is very real. But at least I have been able to make art out of it. Not (yet) recorded or performed.


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