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Updated: Mar 27

Well, I’m home

I’m safe

I didn’t do anything stupid

I’m home

I’m free

I’m in control, I’m lucid

I went out

On the town

Not quite sure what I was after

I went out

To the fleshpots

To play with fire and court disaster

Saturday night, nowhere to go

I wanna go somewhere but where, I don’t know

Love is calling but I don’t know from where

I can’t seem to find it anywhere

Well, I came

I saw

I panicked and turned a one-eighty

I came

I saw

I don’t know, I must have been crazy

Well, I left

And I drove

Didn’t stop till I reached the ocean

I got out

I walked

The seashore bars were still open

Saturday night, nowhere to go

Crisscross the state, in search of what, I don’t know

There’s a good time to be had but I don’t know where

I guess I’ll know when I find myself there

Well, I drove

Some more

Thought I might do some cruisin’

I slowed down

I looked

But when I saw what was there I kept movin’

And I went home

I shook my head

I don’t know what I could’ve been thinkin’

And I thought

As I went to bed

Thank G-d I wasn’t drinkin’

Saturday night, nowhere to go

Pull myself out after sinking so low

Who knows where I’ll be sticking my face

Some hellhole or other godforsaken place

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

Didn’t stop till I reached the ocean ... the seashore bars were still open.

This one hails from the mid-2000s when I was still living at the Jersey Shore. More often than not, I'd find myself alone on a Saturday night, and I'd seek ways to quench my restlessness by driving around the area in search of something to do ... but I'd never give in to the inevitable illicit desires and go home before I did something stupid. Never recorded or performed, but it does have an uptempo, fast-blues rhythm that captures the sense of antsiness.

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