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Daily Lyric: SIT

from morning till night

from loose until tight

all I ever do is sit

at work or at play

at night and all day

all I ever do is sit

whether moving or still

whether healthy or ill

all I ever do is sit

in a chair or in bed

in my body, in my head

all I ever do is sit

this sedentary life is killing me

something’s got to change

I have to get off my butt and on my feet

the routine must get rearranged

when I drive, when I drink

when I eat, when I think

all I ever do is sit

when I write, when I work

when I talk, when I lurk

all I ever do is sit

at the office, in my car

at a club, in a bar

all I ever do is sit

on the net, on the line

on the floor, on my behind

all I ever do is sit

well, I look long and skinny with a bulge in my middle

like a snake that swallowed a goat

the spare tire inflates little by little

and before long I’m the size of a boat

I can’t go through life just being a potato

sitting like a shapeless blob

of congealed aspic, or a lump of play dough

I gotta get my body on the job

all I ever do is sit …

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
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What do you get for being on your butt for 10 hours a day.

It seems like since I left the army, or at the very least since I entered the professional workforce, all my jobs were sitting jobs. I get up in the morning, I sit at my desk and write my morning pages, then I sit and eat breakfast. On the way to work, I sit on the bus. At work, I sit at my desk for most of eight hours. On the way home from work, I sit on the bus. Once I'm home, I sit and eat dinner, and then I sit some more at my desk in the hopes of doing some writing. Or I'll sit at the piano and try to coax some music out. But all I do is sit, and all my movement is getting myself from one bout of sitting to the next. I ask you ... is this any way to live???

My father led a similar life. In his mid-80s he suffered a series of mild to moderate strokes, and now moves about with the aid of a home assistant. Am I going to be headed in a similar direction, G-d forbid? I sure hope not.

As for creativity ... I believe, and Julia Cameron will back me up on this, that as an artist you need to be moving through the world. Walking, traveling, or relocating (well, I've certainly done my share of that), you need to be moving. Sitting in one place does not get the creative juices flowing, nor does it get the image bank filled.

I wrote these lyrics in the early 2000s, at a time when I had jobs as a book production editor and a newspaper copy editor ... both sitting jobs. No music, yet. But that could change.

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