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Daily Lyric: SNARLED

Like overhead wires after a tornado

Like spaghetti tangled without cheese or tomato

Like yarn balled up after the cat got in it

Like traffic backed up this very minute

Like thoughts jumbled with no clear resolution

Like finances neglected beyond any solution

Like weeds grown over the remains of a lawn

Like a maze or puzzle very badly drawn

Like mismatched threads of faulty logic

Like following convoluted topics

Like reasoning behind top level decisions

Like half-asleep stories or melodies or visions

Like effects on airlines or commuter trains

Like their terminals or stations after two drops of rain

Like a teenage excuse to a teacher or parent

Like a credit report after a year of missed payments

I’m snarled

Messed up, mashed up, twisted, and gnarled

Muddied, marshed, mucked, mired, and marled

Kennied, kerried, kimmied, and carled

Haggled, bedraggled, snaggled, and snarled

Snarled in my loss for words

Snarled seeing stars and birds

Snarled searching for a tune

Snarled seeking to strike a boon

Snarled searching for some direction

Snarled staring at my reflection

Snarled when following through on things

Snarled until the fat lady sings

Snarled in the effort to find a voice

Snarled in making a rational choice

Snarled in love, snarled in romance

Snarled in my shirt, snarled in my pants

Frustrated, stymied, and snarled

Kadachas, kibosh, and snarled

Hexed, vexed, belexed, and snarled

I’m snarled, snarled, snarled, I’m snarled!

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Snarled" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Messed up, mashed up, twisted, and gnarled.

More a diatribe than a song, this lyric dates back to the time I had just begun commuting to my new job in New York City from my home at the Jersey Shore. A less elegant expression of being tangled up, whether in blue or anything else. Never recorded or performed.

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