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Daily Lyric: ELLIE’S SONG

So many people but still so lonely

So many people all going with the flow

It used to be so distant

But I’m a part of it now

So many people trying to make their one and only

And if they miss this one, the next one’s in an hour or so

Cramming the subway cars and tunnels like cattle

And I’m a part of it now

Well despite all these mob scenes, things are pretty good

I got this great job—I get paid like I should

I’d come see you more often, if only I could

But this is the life I lead now

Now you’re in the sunshine and I’m in the rain

And I’m not just talking about the weather

I’m talking about two states of mind

You’re where you’re supposed to be, and I’m not

You’re riding the west wind while I’m riding this train

Writing you this song like I’m writing you a letter

And if being rich is by satisfaction defined

I must be poor ‘cause I’m not happy with what I got

I got that great job like I mentioned before

I got a great car and I live near the shore

I got all these great things, could I ask any more

Yes I can, ‘cause I’m nowhere near you!

You are my Ellie, my special Ellie

Though it feels like we’re at opposite ends of the world

I love you so much, oh yes I do

As much as any man has loved his little girl

I see a pretty girl walking

She reminds me of you

I hear a smart girl talking

She reminds me of you

I hear your favorite song playing

I hear some words you love saying

I see what the stores are displaying

It all reminds me of you

I see the Empire State

It reminds me of you

What makes this city great

Is all the times here with you

All the times not yet had

As daughter with dad

I promise you baby

Things are gonna get better

When we’ll be together

All those precious times

When we’re together

How’s life been

Have have you been doing

Are you having some good times

In spite of it all

How are your friends

How’s the playing and schooling

These are my usual questions

Whenever I call

But what I really want to know

Is will you ever forgive me

And will you still love me

In spite of it all

Because when all my systems are go

That’s when it all hits me

And sometimes I can’t help but feel

That I dropped the ball

It doesn’t matter if I’m laughing or if I’m crying

Or whether I’m driving, commuting, or flying

If I said I didn’t miss you, you know I’d be lying

And you know I wouldn’t lie to you

‘Cuz I love you, my baby Boo

You are my Ellie, my precious Ellie

Though it hurts so much when we’re so far apart

I love you so much, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

No one can ever replace you in my heart

You are my Ellie, my special Ellie

Though it feels like we’re at opposite ends of the world

I love you so much, oh yes I do

As much as any dad has loved his little girl

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Heshy and Ellie
All those precious times when we’re together.

This is a song, plain and simple, about me missing my daughter. After my prestigious position in Los Angeles ended (it was a glorified temp job, really), I made the difficult decision of moving back east. At first it was difficult finding work, especially in my areas of expertise, and after a fruitless year and a half of being underemployed, I decided that it would be better to just pull up my stakes and go back to LA. After all, if I'm going to bump along, I may as well do it where I can be near my daughter (eight years old at the time). Of course, though, as the Higher Power would have it, just as I was starting to make plans to go back to the West Coast, I was found by a "talent scout" for an agency that was searching for people like me. One thing led to another and a well-paying position was mine ... but it was in New York City, with no options at the time to work remotely. Some choice that was ... be on the opposite side of the country and make a good living, or be near my daughter and starve. I took the job, but every day as I commuted in and out of the city I was acutely aware of who was missing in my life. Consequently I made it my business to travel to LA several times a year, and she also visited New Jersey from time to time, which enabled me to see her in my surroundings as well.

The music is based on a song that I had written while I was in the army, also about missing someone special in my life—"Letter to His Girlfriend." I recorded this version in the basement of the house I was living in at the time in Interlaken, outside of Asbury Park.

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