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Daily Lyric: THIRD TIME

Updated: Mar 14

First time, it all seems so new

Second time, hey it’s something I can do

Third time it sinks in and it all rings true

The third time’s what makes it.

First time, jump in with both feet

Second time, pick up the beat

Third time, it finally tastes sweet

The third time’s what makes it.

Once isn’t enough to get the idea

Twice is just in between

You gotta do it three times to find the groove

And once you’re there, you’re in, you know what I mean?

First time, just try it and see

Second time, just do it and let it be

Third time, you’ll have to agree

It’s the third time that makes it.

First time, a neat little trick

Second time, pick it up quick

Third time, by now it’ll stick

The third time’s what makes it.

©2017, 2023 The Hesh Inc.

Three Souls In Exile ...

The first one was recorded in 1999 and released in 2000. It was an exercise in artistic self-fulfillment that got a few reviews, even some favorable ones, but ultimately it went nowhere.

The second one was recorded in 2002-2003, mixed in 2005, and released in 2007. It got some great reviews and even garnered two Asbury Music Award nominations ... but it, too, ultimately went nowhere.

The third one was recorded 2014-2016 and Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground, was released in March 2017. (Check it out!)

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this, and a lot of love as well. I continue to hope for the best for this series, which comprises my musical magnum opus.

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