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Daily Lyric: THIS IS MY LIFE

Updated: Mar 18

This is my life

Scattered all over the landscape

This is my life

A state of perpetual escape

The path of least resistance

Is my approach to responsibility

Getting by on mere subsistence

Making little use of my abilities.

This is my life

Gotta get myself together

This is my life

Or else success will elude me forever

I’m getting fat ‘cause I’m lazy

And I’m so out of shape

Motivation is at best hazy

I gotta give myself a shake.

This is my life

What it’s like to be a free agent

This is my life

I gotta figure out some arrangement

Something must be done to get thing moving

I can’t go on staying inert like this

This is the time for self-improving

I’ve gotta do more than just exist.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"This Is My Life" - AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The path of least resistance is my approach to responsibility

Tis is about the frustration of trying to get my life together and putting long-procrastinated plans into action ... while I still can. Written before I actually started taking such action.

(No music yet.)

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