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Updated: Apr 2

The embers are glowing inside the ashes

The new growth is sprouting through the parched earth

The flowers are blooming behind the bushes

When this jewel is polished we’ll see its real worth

People are coming to watch the sparks fly

There’s an electric excitement in the air

The new faces stare in wonder as they pass by

We just tell ‘em we always knew it was there.

This town’s coming back, I’m seeing it firsthand

If you’re not seeing it you’ve got your head in the sand

The visionaries are making their stand

This town’s coming back and it’s gonna be grand

Too many decades broken down and beat up

The one place in the county everyone loves to leave

It got so bad that we finally got fed up

So we acted and the old way got upset and upheaved

Now it’s the aftermath of the revolution

But at least the malaise is now in the past

There may not be any easy solutions

But there’s new blood that’s ready to kick some real ass.

This town’s coming back ...

Take a look around and see things moving

Open your eyes and pay it some mind

Tell me what else needs proving

If you don’t see it happening you’re either stupid or blind

Well you can scoff and scorn to your heart’s desire

But we tell you it’s the beginning of the upward trend

Form where we are we can only go higher

And we’ll be the ones laughing in the end.

This town’s coming back ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Asbury Park beach
Good enough to be a postcard.

Asbury Park, where else? For decades we prayed to see the city's fortunes turn around. By the mid-2000s, we began to see it happen. It's far less than perfect, but if nothing else, the beach, boardwalk, and downtown areas are all but teeming with people, throughout the year.

For decades I wrote songs about how the city was on a downward spiral to the slag heap (see "Convention Hall"), but now it's time to look at the dawn of redemption from the exile.

The theme was better expressed in "Paramount Theatre (This Is No Dream)" on the second album, but this song was one of the earlier attempts to capture the feeling. So it remains an outtake from the Soul In Exile canon.


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