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Daily Lyric: TRAIN RIDE

This is life

This is where it’s at

All you need is your ticket

Take your seat and that’s that

The world looks different

Although the landscape’s the same

A whole new perspective

When seen from the train

Freedom and liberty, is what it’s about

Proclaim it to the world, declare scream and shout

Take yourself out, don’t take it inside

Take the long way there on a train ride

Go out into the world, don’t stay in and hide

Take the long way there on a train ride

So this is living

This is the real scene

Point A to Point B

And everything in between

Try driving to the airports

Every day, you’ll feel the pain

Or commuting to the city

You’ll learn to love the train

Which way to travel, the choice is clear

It’s almost always better when you don’t have to steer

Take yourself out, don’t take it inside

Take the better way on a train ride

Diesel powered or electrified

Either way, it’s better on a train ride

Someone to talk to

Someone to hold

You wish you had that someone

With whom to watch the scenery unfold

Winding through the mountains

Speeding across the plains

Instead of feeling railroaded

How about riding the trains

Canyons and rivers, mile after mile

It’s trips like these that make life worthwhile

Take yourself out, don’t take it inside

Take the long way there on a train ride

Get out and live, you haven’t yet died

Take the long way there on a train ride

© 2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Train Ride 02 & 03" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Instead of feeling railroaded, how about riding the train.

This song started its life as another one of my piano-power-pop gems from the 1984-85 era, before I started my army service in Israel. The Israeli trains at the time were holdovers from the British Mandate and even Ottoman eras, especially the ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which wound and crept through the Judean hills and stretched an hour-long trip by bus into a three-hour trek ... but oh, what scenery. I compared that to the trains I remembered riding back in the New York metro area ... the trains back in the USA at the time were so much more modern and efficient than the relics riding the rails in the holy land. But now, several decades later, I rewrote the lyrics after seeing how the state of American railroads has declined to almost third-world levels while the Israeli railroad infrastructure and rolling stock have gotten major upgrades. However, I was always a railfan, since I was a kid, and no matter where I am in the world, if I can get around by train, I'd much rather do that than ride a bus or pound my own steering wheel in stop-and-go traffic.

As of this repost, this song is slated to be recorded on my next album, together with others among my piano-power-pop tunes.

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