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Now hey girl, you’re getting married at last

No one can accuse you of moving too fast

You timed it right, didn’t think you had to run

You didn’t rush into it ‘cause of some shotgun

You were never the type to ask for too much

But I see you still got your golden touch

Your boy’s real smart, he’s gonna have a good life

‘Cause now he’s got you to be his wife

So darling, I hear you’re getting married today

Getting out of the house, gonna make your own way

You been waiting long enough, now you’re all ready, I see

To change your last initial from R. to D.

And it’s raining on your wedding day

But it’s all planned out, it won’t stop you, no way

Now you’re all set for a happy ending

But it ain’t the end, you see, it’s just beginning

I used to fall asleep and slip into a dream

Of you and me walking down by the stream

Just hand in hand, nothing more

Then I’d wake up alone on the floor

You looked so good, you’d make me flip

I’d fall asleep with your name on my lips

I thought you were all a guy could ask for

But I can’t fantasize ‘bout you no more

I’d have a hard time deciding if I was in love

Maybe I wasn’t, maybe I was

Bu that was then, you’ve since gone your own way

And now you’ve reached that dreaded day

Now I’ve known you for more than five years

And I ain’t gonna hide my wedding- day tears

All I can do is stand by dumbstruck

All I can say is goodbye and good luck


©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Chuppah by the Beach" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Who's going to stand under this canopy?

This one dates back to 1985, shortly after I was informed that someone I had a serious crush on in my earlier teens had just gotten engaged.

Musically, it's just three chords (first, seventh, fourth) over an uptempo rhythm reminiscent of J. Geils "Freeze-Frame." After the last word in the last line, the band has the option to kick into any of the classic Jewish-wedding dance tunes.

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