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Updated: Mar 27

Not enough drugs, not enough dance

Not enough angst or anti-mainstream stance

A hopeless romantic doesn’t stand a chance

Where do I fit into all this?

Not enough pop, not enough punk

Not enough trendiness, not enough funk

Not enough attitude, not enough camp or junk

Where do I fit into all this?

Well, I’m so unhip, I’m so uncool

I’m an anachronistic rock’n’roll fool

Everyone has become so jaded

Everything we thought was cool is just outdated

Well, I’m too clean, I’m too old

I’m stuck on outdated ideas of soul

I don’t fit the format or pigeonhole

Where do I fit into all this?

Not enough anger, not enough rage

Not enough wild antics when I hit the stage

A seeming relic of a bygone age

Where do I fit into all this?

Not about bush, not about gore

Not against the president, not for the war

Not about politics or the cause du jour

Where do I fit into all this?

Well, I don’t lean to the left, I don’t lean to the right

I don’t see the world in pure black and white

Do I have to be poor or oppressed to be valid

Do my slow songs have to be called power ballads

If I don’t share prevailing views about government

Or play the same blues about the environment

And I don’t choose to be irreverent

Where do I fit into all this?

Not enough groove, not enough jam

Not enough to mosh, not enough to slam

Not enough the get the in-crowd to give a damn

Where do I fit into all this?

Too many words for a standard-length song

Too many minutes, it just goes on too long

Everyone’s a critic, they’ve got to find something wrong

Where do I fit into all this?

Well, I’m too laid back, too long in the tooth

I’m too archaic for anyone to hear my truth

Everything has to be cutting edge

It’s got to tear things down and drive a wedge

Is it optimistic, is it sardonic

Is it straightforward or is it ironic

Is it piss and vinegar, or is it gin and tonic

Where do I fit into all this?

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Puzzled" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Where do I fit into all this?

This goes back to the late 2000s, after I had returned from Los Angeles and was getting ready to re-enter the NJ/NY music scene. Trying to figure out how to market myself has always been a challenge, because I never fit neatly into any one genre or niche. If I seemed to fit mostly into one, there was always something about my style or attitude that kept me from being categorized too conveniently. One the one hand, that's good, because it's proof that I don't conform to any one category ... but on the other hand, no one ever knew how to bill or book me. And now, that the entire realm of music has changed (not for the better, in my opinion), and I've gotten older, the issues have compounded tenfold. You might as well call it "alter rocker's blues."

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