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Daily Lyric: A DRIVER'S LIFE

Belt parkway song and turnpike blues

Expressway nerves and parking-deck shoes

Radio silence, no news is just no news

What's more to lose, it's a driver’s life

Dropped one off at LGA

Deadhead down to JFK

One more pickup and I’m done for today

Such is the way of a driver's life

Well maybe I'll find a new career

I don't want to be here for another year

I look in my mirror to the rear

And see that the way that I steered

May have been the wrong road

The Kew Gardens interchange is so slick in the rain

To navigate this spaghetti is always such a pain

But I know where to go and I stay in my lane

What's there to explain, it's a driver's life

Baby looks up to me with pleading eyes from the dash

When will I see you again, her pleading eyes seem to ask

I'll be there soon, baby, I promise I'll make it fast

Soon as I cash out of this driver's life

Well maybe I'll make my way back out west

Long as I'm still here I can't get any rest

It’s too easy to stay depressed

Once you see that your crest

Has fallen by the side of the road

Ah, shit, says the officer who's first on the scene

Observing the crushed driver in the crumpled machine

Hardly the worst that I've ever seen

Just another poor sap in a limousine, it's a driver's life

What's that he’s holding? asks the EMT

A picture of his little girl, looks like to me

He probably hit something he never did see

Damn pity, such an end to a driver's life

Waitasecond, says the officer to the crew at his feet

His finger's moving, his heart still has a beat

Put him in the ambulance, take him off the street

Don't pull up that sheet ...

... it's a driver's life.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "A Driver's Life" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The Kew Gardens Interchange is so slick in the rain.

This is the title song to my "Waitsian heartbreak opus," completed just last Friday, February 24, 2023. It has been over a decade in the making. The projected album, A Driver's Life, depicts my "season in hell," my time spent underemployed as a limousine driver in the New Jersey/New York area after relocating from the West Coast in the aftermath of my divorce. My prospective employment in the publishing field, which I had gambled on by moving back east, had fallen through and I was scrambling to make ends meet, and after a year of it, barely scraping by and missing my beloved daughter terribly, I was seriously considering going back to Los Angeles. After all, if I'm already going to be underemployed, I may as well be close to my friends and family there, right? Fortunately, I didn't experience the harrowing events of the last three verses, but I made use of some artistic license to tell a story. Tom Waits was clearly an influence here and I hope I did him some honor with this song.

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