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Daily Lyric: END

End of the season and the melancholy won’t leave me

A thousand little bitternesses grip and seize me

The day is beautiful but I can’t bring myself to care

I am here but I’m not at all there.

I’m fully dressed when I’d rather be in shorts

Long pants and buttoned shirts don’t do well in these resorts

Anxious and restless and unsatisfied

The aftermath of getting off the wild ride.

When will this cycle end?

Drugs don’t work, talk does little more

What excites me at other times is right now a bore

This isn’t like me, it’s like something took over

As if overrun by a runaway bulldozer.

When will this cycle end?

What will it take for me to shake it

I wish I was happier but I can’t even fake it

Not everything’s bad, but the bad just feels stronger

I won’t be able to bear this much longer.

When will this cycle end?

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "Summer Getting Washed Away" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Summer getting washed away

I have a hard time when the summer beach season in the northeastern US ends. It's all too brief to begin with, and weekends are subject to the whims of the weather. When it's rainy or stormy, it literally puts a damper on any plans to go to the beach. Although, for those fortunate enough to live near the beach, it doesn't matter all that much. When I lived near the beach, I would go out in any type of weather. But when the stores close, the crowds go home, and the lifeguard towers are stowed away in the city yards till next season, that's when it all hits me.

Written in the early 2000s when I did in fact live near the shore. No music yet.

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