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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

There she stands straddling the boardwalk Pushing out from the beach into the sea Like some vaunted marine version of radio city She stands crumbling but she’s calling out to me She’s the crown jewel of the waterfront The echo of former grandeur

The haggard old lady of the coastline A glimmer of former splendor

Once upon a time she saw royalty come and go Long ago when she hosted many a famous face But now even the derelicts that used to hang here are gone They moved along and never were replaced Her star once shone bright in the sky But like a meteor, she fell It was a downward spiral onto the slagheap And all that’s left now is a hollow shell

I walk the terraces soaked with ocean spray Beneath the paint-chipped vaulted ceiling I search around for a way inside Just to get the feeling Just to stand within the cavernous hall To let her spirit surround me And to try once again to make heads or tails Of what’s going on around me.

Well, I can’t believe that this is happening yet again After we both agreed once that we didn’t want to repeat that end But you had this thing about “growth,” above everything else And at the same time you say I’m thinking only of myself Why don’t you look in the mirror Well, we went out west to change our place and change our luck We didn’t last a year there before the disaster struck It was those ‘friendships’ you cultivated outside of us, away from me Well, I know how close your kind of ‘friends’ can be Now the picture is so much clearer And all your advisers whisper in your ear That you could be doing so much better than me Your enablers tell you what you want to hear And they show you what you want to see Your sycophants that all surround you With your pronouncements, they’ll all agree And all of the above, they drown you With brown tides of sympathy And you emphatically state “there is no us” You resent the way I push and you’re not even willing to discuss But if I don’t fight for us, what does that make me?

Well, you stall, blackball, and build your wall With the help of all your ‘friends’ You obfuscate and manipulate All your means to reach your ends You may say that there is no more us I say it isn’t so There always was an us, there is an us And I refuse to let it go!

And as I sit inside by the piano onstage Playing my heart out to four thousand empty seats The hidden sounds of concerts and celebrations of better days Embedded in these walls release their heat And set me on fire with a passion that consumes A passion that once existed for you filling up this empty room Bringing some life to light the palpable darkness and gloom Struggling in vain to counteract the words of my inner prophet of doom

No more funny places No more famous faces No more days at the races No more steeplechases No more former graces No more love embraces All that’s left is empty spaces And the glory with barely any traces It’s all gone!

©2017, 2022 The Hesh Inc.
Convention Hall
There she stands straddling the boardwalk, pushing out from the beach into the sea.

This is track 1 of my album, Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground, released in March 2017. On the one hand, it depicts a big, old, historic, moldering building on the boardwalk. But on the other hand, it is a symbol of one of the most central conventions of human society—marriage. And the cracking of the building could very well symbolize the beginning of the crumbling of a marriage, if not of the institution itself.

I wrote the earliest version of this song in a big, empty auditorium—not Convention Hall itself, but the Hillel House on the campus of Boston University. The foundations of my first marriage had just begun to crack and I was trying to make sense of it. At the time, my then-wife had chosen to 'go home to mother' on her vacations, leaving me by myself on holidays. I took advantage of the situations and headed down to the Jersey Shore, which is where I wanted to live anyway, for those spells.

Later, once that marriage had ended and I became a Jersey Shore local, I would play the song on the piano in the darkened ballroom of the Berkeley-Carteret Hotel, across the street from Convention Hall. I would have loved to play the song on the hall's legendary stage, but alas, there is no house piano there. One of the biggest ironies of my musical career is that I never actually played "Convention Hall" in Convention Hall! I recorded the original version in my home studio in Ocean Grove and had it mixed at Shore Fire Studios in Long Branch, and it was released on my first album, Soul In Exile.

Alas, history does have a way of repeating itself, and sometimes in ways that cannot be learned from. When my second marriage began to crumble I revisited the lyrics I had originally written, and updated them (specifically in the song's midsection) to reflect what was happening at the moment. This is the version that made it onto Soul In Exile 3 and, remixed and remastered, onto Soul In Exile Redux, released January 28, 2022.

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