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It could have been a romance

We could have started off as lovers

But we weren’t meant to play that game

There was something else for us

It could have been a slow dance

But we just danced around each other

We were bound by something we couldn’t name

Something we wouldn’t discuss.

We never really dated

It was conversation and flirtation

I couldn’t figure out if it was you I loved

Or just the place where you came from

What started seemed ill-fated

It was hesitation and separation

But more than you could’ve been thinking of

I knew there was more to come.

Passion, hunger, and agony

Aching, craving, and desire

Ravenous burning ardor

Fever, fervor, fire!

You fought what you knew you were feeling

You fought it tooth and nail

You thought whoever would love you had to be insane

And so you kept your heart at bay

I wasn’t scared of revealing

I wasn’t telling you tall tales

And when I said what I felt in terms so plain

You said there could be no way.

And so the cracked and pitted highway of fate

Took us separate directions

You went your way, I went mine

Each with our own set of worries and cares

You thought you could just slam the gate

And effect a disconnection

But I was always in back of your mind

That someone who loved you out there.

Passion, hunger, and agony ...

From one holy land across the ocean to another

In the depths of the capital marble tower we came together as lovers

Seven searing years through emotional desert hell

Slam to an abrupt dead end halt, drink deep of each other’s well

Crescendo building rumbling till the power chords burst through

Detached disbelief but this time we knew it was true

But it wasn’t enough to keep you there

Were you running blind or running scared

Was it withdrawal or flight, I don’t know what hit subsequently

But I cursed the romance that shrouded us

I cursed the love that devoured us

And I cursed you when you found someone better than me

Just laying here together

In the darkness of our space

We connect for endless hours

Warmth to warmth, skin to skin

Our alliance never severed

We fought to reach this place

To carve out a world that’s ours

Over the wreckage of what might have been.

Remember how we lit the way for each other

When our respective ships ran aground

When our “Right Things” went horribly wrong

We sheltered each other as friends

No matter what you said, we were perfect for each other

We just had to crumble all the walls down

In exile from each other for way too long

Well, this exile is reaching its end.

Passion, hunger, and agony ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Fever, Fervor, Fire" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Too hot to handle.

This song was intentionally left off Soul In Exile because its subject matter was way too intense and personal (even though, as always, any resemblance to persons living or dead is PURELY coincidental). Also, I never quite felt right about the chorus. My original idea was to write a story of a doomed romance similar to Bruce Springsteen's "Backstreets," and I think I had come a little too close for comfort. Musically, it is based on a riff in D minor that I always seem to bang out on the piano whenever I have some frustration to get out; I may yet repurpose the music for other lyrics in the future, but this lyric will remain an outtake and a blog entry.


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