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I’m on top of a mountain, away from the world

Flying high in the sky, what was straight is now curled

There’s a lot of people and noise around but I’m not here in the crowds

I got my feet on the ground but my head’s in the clouds

It’s better than living on the razor’s edge

Or hanging from a cliff or being perched on a ledge

It’s better than reaching the breaking point

Or flying off the handle or breaking a joint

Got my head in the clouds

Just like I should

Got my head in the clouds

And it feels so good

I’m so high up you can’t see me from the ground

I’m so high up and there isn’t a sound

If you call me, I won’t answer right away

If you ask me anything, I won’t know what to say

Everybody says that I look the part

Call my name and I’ll wake up with a start

Everybody says that I’m not all there

Well, I’m sure here but my mind’s out there somewhere

It could be cloud nine, seventeen, or thirty-two

It could be lonely paradise or seventh heaven too

Call me a space cadet or, if you want, an astronaut

But I’m at peace with myself lost in my own thought

Got my head in the clouds

Just like I should

Got my head in the clouds

And it feels so good

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Clouds over Ocean Grove, NJ - original photo by The Hesh Inc.
Got my head in the clouds / and it feels so good.

This is for everybody throughout my life whoever accused me of having my head in the clouds. Of course I have my head in the clouds, and I love it there. Better than dealing with all the bullshit that's down here. I wrote this in the mid-1980s, in the midst of my army service, where having one's head in the clouds is likely to lead to losing one's head altogether, not to mention causing others to lose theirs. So while I needed to maintain my presence in the here and now, I looked forward to times, off duty, when I could shut that off and head for the stratosphere. Never recorded or performed.

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