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Daily Lyric: I'M BACK

I’m back

Back in the real world

It’s time to catch up on everything I missed all the time I’ve been away

I’m back

Back in the real world

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to wake up late every day

No one’s giving me orders

No one’s drilling holes in my head

It’s so unreal

How great it feels to be sleeping in my own bed

Time was creeping

I’ve been counting the days to the end

I’ve been out of commission for so long

Now I’m back on my feet again

I wanna be famous

I wanna be rich

It doesn’t matter what comes first, I don’t care which

I wanna get out

I wanna be free

I don’t want any limitations placed on me

I’m back

Back on the streets, yeah

I’m rarin’ to go, got those New West Highway Blues

I’m back

Back on the streets, yeah

Turn the stereo up all the way and go for a cruise

I can come and go as I please

In one place I’m no longer pinned

It feels so new to me

It feels so good to be flying free as the wind

Three years sleeping

I’ve been caught down many a dead end

I’ve been stuck in the same place for so long

Now I’m back on the road again

I wanna be ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"New West Hwy Blues" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Got those New West Highway Blues.

This lyric dates back to just about the midpoint of my army service, probably in the summer of 1986 when I was stationed in a tent camp on a windswept open field on the Golan Heights, mere miles from the Syrian border, called Bajuria. I was about as far away from any kind of free-as-the-wind lifestyle as I could get, but when I got a moment to think and daydream, I'd imagine a time and place when I wouldn't be bound by military regulations and I could pursue my dreams and desires without obligation. I had never been further west than the inland East Coast of the United States at the time, but I was imagining what it would be like to cross the wide open vistas of the American West ... something that actually came to pass some 17 years later.

There is music to this song, a fast-paced chord progression that I had noodled on while I was still in high school. Perhaps one day I'll commit it to some sort of fixed form.

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