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Fiddling and diddling while the country burns and rots

The same old leopards run the show and they can’t change their spots

The few line their pockets and keep the many down

You wonder just how much they can suck out of our cities and towns

We can’t let these fools keep calling the shots

They don’t listen to our screams

They don’t care about our shouts

Let’s put our muscle where our mouth is

and leave ‘em with no doubt

Some direct action to let ‘em know what we’re about

Kick ‘em out, kick ‘em out, kick the bums out!

It’s been the same old bull for decades now

Tammany Hall’s got nothing on these clowns

The surrounding towns prosper while this place remains a dump

Ask the big shots why and they’ll act all stumped

We gotta set these guys loose no matter how

So let’s kick ‘em in the shins

Hit ‘em in the snout

Knock ‘em upside the head in a one-round bout

Let’s turn their silly victories into a complete rout

Kick ‘em out, kick ‘em out, kick the bums out!

This silly soap opera called politics

Is just old dogs up to their tired old tricks

It all looks new and different but it’s really all the same

It’s about time for new attitudes, faces, and names

‘Cause this business-as-usual has made us all sick

Well we ain’t just gonna whimper

We ain’t just gonna pout

We’re gonna hiss and howl, and holler and shout

Let’s give ‘em a slap, a sting, a clout

Kick ‘em out, kick ‘em out, kick the bums out!

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Kick the Bums Out" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Kick ‘em out, kick ‘em out, kick the bums out.

I wrote this more about politics at the local level, after seeing a corrupt city council get away with murder one too many times. I actually performed it twice, once on a local radio show and again at a coffee house not far from city hall. At least one councilman heard it and from that point forward would not even look in my direction (and yes, he knew exactly who I was). The original title was "bastards," not "bums" ... I can just imagine how well that would have gone over!

Change a few words and the song's scope rises up to the national level. I posted this song on July 5, 2016, because of the FBI's refusal to indict Hillary Clinton even after it demonstrated enough reason to warrant indictment. I don't usually write political songs, and I certainly don't write about specific political figures. But I am so disgusted by the corruption at the highest levels in this country and the enabling thereof.

And let's not even talk about everything that has happened in Washington since July 2016 ...

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