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I Am (in) American Songwriter!

I wish to express my gratitude to American Songwriter magazine, one of the few publications I subscribe to, for featuring me as Member of the Week for the week of June 26 through July 3, 2021! The feature ran as part of its Daily Co-Write newsletter every day of the week, and in its weekly Writers' Room on Saturday!

This is what the magazine had to say:

Congratulations to our member of the week, Hesh Meister, from Englewood, NJ!
Check Out His Music Here.
About Hesh: Hesh Meister is a singer/songwriter and keyboardist who started The Hesh Inc. The band is "a revolving-door cast of characters [that] performs songs about exile, redemption, self-actualization, and beach towns in the off-season." So, in a blend of styles and genres, Meister boasts a unique sound influenced by songwriting greats. Meister told American Songwriter that he admires Bruce Springsteen in particular "because of his work ethic (they don't call him The Boss for nothing) and his Jersey Shore roots."
The Hesh Inc.'s latest release was their 2018 album Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground. The record features "Heard It on the Highway" which is "about hearing the greatest song ever recorded and how your life is changed by it. It's something that happened to me, and could happen to anyone," Meister said.

This is great for several reasons: apart from just being featured, which is an honor in and of itself, I have gained some new fans (some of whom have already subscribed to my website ... welcome!), and it has made the American Songwriter editorial staff aware of the fact that I exist in the universe! This will be particularly advantageous once my upcoming projects are released (next one, later this summer—stay tuned!)

You can subscribe to American Songwriter's Daily Co-Write here.

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