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Twenty years this summer since I first headed west

Twenty years and I still can’t tell if it was all for the best

Twenty years of bouncing back and forth with no rest

Twenty years is long past time to put big dream to the test

See I went with cautious hope for a happily ever after

Didn’t see the left field curve ball that ended up a disaster

But I got my patterns juggled louder harder and faster

And now I’m coming back, not apprentice but master

California here I come

Right back where I started from

California blazing sun

Born but no more need to run!

Endless years of exile never finding my place

Endless years of laboring at someone else’s pace

Endless years on the hamster wheel in a stationary race

Endless years and the dreams are still there for me to chase

But I’m headed out there now to stake out what’s mine

And nobody will get in my way or stop me this time

I’m gonna burn down the barricades and cross all the lines

I’ve still got a few years left in my prime

California coming back

Put ambitions back on track

California thundercrack

Out of the red, into the black!

A simple song’s the best song to say what I need

No more weekly 2x4s to make me bruise and bleed

No more following, it’s time for me to lead

From my self-imposed chains I’ve been freed

California, found my peace

Emancipation and release

California, last not least

Leave the small time all back east!

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Heshy at Runyon Canyon. Photo by Mitch Karpp.
When I actually came back to California. I should never have left.

I actually wrote this in the summer of 2013, ten years since the summer I first headed west, but seeing as I am looking forward to a trip back to Los Angeles this month (August 2023), I tweaked it a little bit before posting it. I m not sure at this point whether or not I will end up moving back, especially considering how the socio-political-economic state of the state has been on a downward spiral during its last two gubernatorial administrations, but the sentiment is still there. I haven't written any music for this yet, but the obvious influence is "Dani California" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


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