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Lyric of the Week: CARINE

She was the most disturbing thing that ever happened to me

I was barely 18 and she was pushing 43

I was looking for a woman and I needed no excuse

‘Cause I was free, hanging out, hanging tough, and hanging loose

But I never thought, I never pictured the scene

That I’d be the object of a married woman’s dream

Carine! What’s this game you’re playing

Carine! Can’t believe what you’re saying

Carine! How can you say you love me

When you belong to another man?

I used to have these dreams that she’d invite me to her bed

It’s wrong, I said, I gotta kick these thoughts from my head

The devil in me pushed me to go and take my chances

But I said No, I just can’t face up to the consequences

And then one spring night she was the only one home

I went up to her house and it was just us all alone

Carine! What’s this game you’re playing

Carine! Can’t believe what you’re saying

Carine! How can you say you love me

When you belong to another man?

Carine! You think you got me believing

Carine! But I know what you’re conceiving

Carine! You know that I can’t really love you

But you still do what you can

And you still do what you can

She took me for a weekend to a hotel in the city

For the first time since I knew her she was really looking pretty

But then she whispered in my ear once we were undercover

She’d give everything up as long as we’d stay lovers

But I said, No Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Robinson for me

I walked out the next day and thought I made her history

And now I see her sitting there across the room from me

I’m squarely 48 and she’s pushing 73

Her old man’s been gone now for more than 10 years

Is that a vibe she’s sending out or is it just between my ears

But suppose it was real and I took it up, hey hey

At this point in life, what would it be like anyway

Carine! What’s this game you’re playing

Carine! It’s still there though you’re not saying

Carine! Do you still think that you could love me

He may be gone but he’s still your man!

Carine! I think I’m still perceiving

Carine! All these signals I’m receiving

Carine! Do you really think you love me

And will you do what you can?

So yeah, let’s do what we can ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson ...
Sir? Are you here for an affair?

I started writing this in the summer of 1984, not so much as the story of something that happened but more like something that my teenage libido was imagining would happen. However, there was in fact such a person in my life, and more than once over the years I did receive certain signals from her direction ... though they were never acted upon. (Damn.)

Musically, it is upbeat in the vein of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm A Rocker" and "Ramrod," but its main motif is the three-chord, 1-4-1 riff, similar to Mitch Ryder's "Devil With the Blue Dress" and Tommy James's/Billy Idol's "Mony Mony." However, I always imagined the arrangement would be something more like Foreigner's "Hot Blooded." The first two verses and choruses came rather quickly, but it stalled in the bridge, which I rewrote several times without feeling that any of the versions were "it." I finally finished the bridge to my satisfaction and added the last verse and chorus, with their adult p.o.v., in early March 2023.

As for who 'Carine' really is ... "any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental." ;)

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