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Lyric of the Week: DON’T TALK TO ME

You wanna be my confidant, you wanna be my friend

You swear your loyalty to me will never end

But you’re nowhere to be found when you find out I’ve been hurt

‘Cause all you are is cheap uptown dirt

You say you’d walk a million miles just to be with me today

You swear you’ll be mine, forever and always

But when it all comes down, I know you wouldn’t sell your shirt

‘Cause all you really are is just cheap cheap dirt

Don’t talk to me

You’re no friend of mine

You’re a thorn in my side, you’re just sand in my eyes

Don’t talk to me

She wants to be my lover, she wants to be my friend

She swears she’s gonna love me till the very very end

But I know that when I’m gone she’d be a big big flirt

‘Cause the only word for her is cheap cheap dirt

Don’t talk to me

You’re no girlfriend of mine

You’re no gleam in my eyes, no pleasant surprise

Don’t talk to me

You’re the type that would ess scheis and say it tasted good

As long as there was something in it for you, I know you would

You’re a chazzer of a person, that’s all you’re worth, toots

‘Cause you’re only cheap cheap cheap uptown schmutz!

Don’t talk to me

You’re no friend of mine

You’re just dust in my eyes, you’re death in disguise

Don’t talk to me

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Lou and the IDF" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Lou never performed for the IDF, but it would have totally made my whole service if he would have.

I wrote this at some point in the thick of my army service, and I was addressing it to several people who I was regularly crossing paths with during that era, both within the army and out of it. The attitude was very much of a piece with Lou Reed's "Dirt," and the lyrics show it. The music is a cross between "Dirt" and Van Halen's "Unchained." Never recorded or performed, but rehearsed a few times on the piano between me and the four walls.

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