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Lyric of the Week: LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN

What’s so hard about starting over

What’s so hard about moving ahead

What’s so hard about stepping forward

And leaving behind all the evil that was said

Why’s it so hard to put pen to paper

Why’s it so hard to get everything down

I guess staying silent is so much safer

No one can get to you when you’re not making a sound

But let’s try this again

Time to get the words out and begin writing again

Time to start singing and making music again

Time to actually be what you tell the world you are

So let’s try this again

Keep the pen moving and tell your stories again

Keep the fingers playing and singing your songs again

Keep rising higher till you reach the farthest star.

Don’t think too hard, or you’ll get tired

It’s all too easy to lay back down

Don’t drive too hard, or you’ll get mired

Then you won’t be able to get your truck to town

Don’t strain too hard, to catch the signal

You’ll wait forever till you hear any sound

Don’t try too hard, just keep it simple

And what you thought was lost will soon be found

So let’s try this again

Time to clear the hurdles and start racing again

Time to clear the roadblocks and start driving again

Time to move in the direction you say you want to go

So let’s try this again

Whatever shape it takes, just pick it up and make it again

Whatever height or width, just climb over and conquer it again

You did it once, babe, you can do it again

Just grab that dream and don’t ever let it go.

So let’s try this again

Time to pick things up and start moving again

Time to stop talking and start doing again

Time to actually do what you tell yourself you do

So let’s try this again

Revisit the stagnant and make it ring true again

Reinvigorate the mordant and watch it come to again

You’ll make good on your dreams and bring them all through.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"The Farthest Star+ - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Keep rising higher till you reach the farthest star.

In 2022, after my father passed away, I began to feel my own mortality, with a pervasive sense of there being more of my life behind me than ahead of me. This prompted me to revisit my unfinished songs, of which there were many, as well as write some new ones about what was going on in my mind in that state. I was (and often still am) fond of saying "let's try this again" whenever I set out to do something but for whatever reason have to stop doing it, turn back, and start all over again. I believed that a song expressing that sentiment regarding my entire songwriting endeavor was worth writing, as an opener for the effort. No music just yet.

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