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Lyric of the Week: SO HARD

I can’t get it together

I can’t put myself in that place I need to be

I thought I could do it better

But the tips and tricks came with no guarantee

I have all these ideas

But they don’t bloom when I plant them

It isn’t clear

If I should pursue them or abandon them


It’s so hard

All I want to do is write the damn song now

It’s so damn hard

It’s been going on for so damn long now

What is the deal

It should be easy after all my practice

This is an ordeal

Pins and needles like sitting on a cactus

Why can’t I just do it

Instead of singing a song about singing

Once again I blew it

Another day gone and I’m still hand-wringing

repeat chorus

This is so stupid

I wish I could pull together what needs to be said

I feel diluted

Just watered-down versions of the tunes in my head

I can bend phrases

It works for this, why not for what I need?

I’m running through mazes

What will it take for me to break free?

repeat chorus

©2020 The Hesh Inc.

Dry Spell
I have all these ideas / But they don’t bloom when I plant them

Sometimes, when you're stuck for something to write, you just write about being stuck for something to write.

This is from the dry spell I experienced in the early 2000s. Somehow, writing about not being able to write got me out of that spell.

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