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Pen and notebook, jumbled thoughts

Freight train, commuter train, last one caught

A first time first date, now where do I go

A slow dance romance, what do I know.

Lights glide by like orbs and jewels

Skyliner jetliner dumps its fuel

Turnkey turkeys, ghosts of the past

Once a peasant, now the present, let it last.

Rhyming dictionary, taken off the shelf

A thesaurus for a chorus when I can’t think of it myself

Well whatever, put it together, ain’t no shame

The always outsider, the midnight writer, that’s my name.

Scrabble and puzzles, good with words

Scribbles and scratches and snatches of what I heard

Billboards and signs, beer and wine, drink it up

Raise a glass, lift a mug, down a cup

Whatever endeavor, make it all fit

Go hippy go, go ahead be gone with it

Why are we here, because we’re here, so kvell and gush

Today’s Tom Sawyer, tomorrow’s Moishe Kapoyer, so help me Rush.

Rhyming dictionary …

Take it to the bridge, pay the troll

The trollbooth is manned, so play the role

Park vehicle on grass, await patrol

Fade to black, cops on crack, judges on parole.

Off the wall, alcohol, for what it’s worth

I know which way is south, but which direction is perth?

Where have I been since I left the place of my birth

Jupiter, Venus, Mars, anywhere but Earth.

Lincoln, thinkin’, in like Flynn

Cadillac, thundercrack, no discipline

Subarus, Malibus, karz 4 kidz

Don’t block the box, don’t skid the grid.

Put the cut in your strut and the glide in your stride

Walk, don’t gawk, let the captains ride

Write what’s right, no use to fight the light

It’s a treasure trove to you, it can’t be trash or trite.

Rhyming dictionary …

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Midnight Writer" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The always outsider, the midnight writer, that’s my name.

This one also goes back to the time shortly after I began commuting to my new job as an editor in New York City, and back home to the Jersey Shore at night via New Jersey Transit rail. I would attempt to write songs and other things on the late-night train back to the Shore, but sometimes the best I could do was scrape together throwaway lines and make them rhyme via dictionary ... with a little bit of wit sprinkled on. Anything to say that I'm writing! But this remains lyrics only, without a tune to go along with it, although a 5/4 rhythm might do nicely with it.

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