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So you’re feeling self pity that you’re stuck in a city

Where you just can’t be

And what makes it worse is that you think it’s a curse

That you’re stuck here with me

Well, I didn’t bring you here ‘cause I wanted to kill you

And it isn’t my fault that a good time doesn’t thrill you

But there’s no real reason

To feel sorry for yourself

So your everyday is sad and you’re feeling so mad

That I got you into this mess

If that’s the way you feel about it, then I’m gonna get you out

No more lady in distress

So let’s take a room in the Washington Hotel

We can talk about things and all will be well

Maybe then you’ll realize

That my love for you never left

Well, I came here to find a new position

‘Cause I was trapped in the forest of my own ambition

And I brought you here ‘cause I need you by my side

You agreed to come along ‘cause you said it looked good

And we held out as long as we could

But now you feel that I took you for a ride

My love for you never left

So you say you remember the way our love was so tender

Way back when

Now you think that it’s gone but I’ll tell you you’re wrong

‘Cause it can be that way again

If you’d only be positive and give me a chance

If you’d only give my side more than just a glance

Maybe then you’d see

That my love for you never left

You say that there’s no way you can get used to this place

You walk around with a hurt look on your face

It’s no reason for you to cry anymore

Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s your or my fault

‘Cause both of us can call a halt

I promise I’ll make it like it was before

My love for you never left

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Washington Hotel" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
So let's take a room in the Washington Hotel

This one was written sometime during the second half of the 1980s, while I was still doing my Israeli army service but was already starting to look ahead to the end of my stint and thinking of what my next plans would be. I hadn't gotten engaged yet but I had already had some conversations with she who eventually became my first wife about where we would want to live if we moved to the US. She was adamant about not wanting to live in New York and I was equally as adamant about not wanting to live in the southwestern state that she hailed from. That bit of friction sparked this tune, in which I pictured a scenario where we did move to the New York area against her wishes in order for me to further my career, and she was having a bad time of it. Musically, it borrows a bit from Bob Seger's "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" and Billy Cross/Bonnie Tyler's "Take Me Back." Banged out on the piano to the four walls but never for an audience; never recorded.

(Why the Washington Hotel? I was nostalgic for the places I had left behind when I had moved with my family to Israel in 1979. I had attended various functions at said hotel when I still lived in New York, but had never stayed there as of the time I wrote the song. Years later I did stay there for a weekend event and I experienced what kind of rundown, past-its-prime fleabag-by-the-sea it really was. The past is often viewed with rose-colored glasses, what can I tell ya.)

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