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Updated: Jan 4

Allenhurst, get on at Allenhurst

All aboard here, I’ve gotten over the worst

Elberon, this station Elberon

I let the past go, now I’m moving on

Long Branch, change here at Long Branch

For once the negative flow is stanched

Little Silver, next stop Little Silver

No more obstacles to catch me off kilter

Red Bank, station Red Bank

For a change in fortunes, I know Who to thank

Middletown will be next, Middletown

Good to be up after so long being down

Hazlet, next station Hazlet

Things are about to turn great, rumor has it

Matawan next, Aberdeen-Matawan

I’ll share my wealth freely now, without feeling put upon

South Amboy next station, South Amboy

Haven’t felt this bright-eyed since I was a boy

Perth Amboy’s next, Perth Amboy

Leaving the stress for a world of bliss and joy

Woodbridge last local stop, Woodbridge

I exercise my rights and use my privilege

Newark, now arriving Newark Penn Station

Last chance to change before our final destination

New York, our final stop, New York Penn Station

I take my place in the mightiest city in the nation

From the beaches through the marshes

Across the rivers, through the towns

In from the suburbs, out from the bedrooms

Through the tunnels, to Midtown

It’s not the future, it’s the present

It’s reality, no longer a dream

How much longer before it gets to me

Hopefully never, strange as it seems

Why does the local go faster than the express

That’s the question this particular day

We’ll get there whenever we get there

And I’m getting there, I’m on my way.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

NJ Transit train pulling into Allenhurst - original photo by The Hesh Inc.
Allenhurst ... get on at Allenhurst ...

This one dates back to 2007 when I was still living at the Jersey Shore but I had just gotten a new job in NYC, to which I was commuting five days a week from Allenhurst to New York's Penn Station and back again. It was a step up; a return to the professional type of position that made use of my talents and abilities, rather than just a wage-slave job like the one I had suffered under for the preceding year and a half. At first I liked the idea of having an hour and a half in each direction at the beginning and the end of the day, which I would use to write, read, or communicate with friends and family. But eventually, three hours on the train (and whatever additional time was involved getting between Penn Station and the office) per day wore me down to the point where I felt I had no choice but to move to a place where the ride into the city would at least be cut in half. This song, though, speaks to the novelty of it all, before it got to be too much. Never recorded or performed.


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