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Red, orange, yellow

Pink, purple, and deep, deep blue

Melting into the distant bay

When the exhausted day is through

There’s just something about it here

That makes you stop whatever you do

And just stand there watching until it’s all done

It’s so real and true

You’ve just been put in touch with creation

Something so elemental and rare

And its sheer emotional power

Is almost too much to bear

Red, orange, yellow

Pink, purple, and the deepest blue

It all oozes, infuses, and suffuses

A place so deep inside of you.

Now you and I, we’ve seen the sun rise

And set so many times

We’ve been through chapters, stages, and phases

Trips, falls, and climbs

We’ve seen our brightest days turn into darkest nights

We felt the earth move and we’ve weathered storms

We stood by when everything that once made sense

Lost their familiar forms

Did you ever think that after all of these

We could ever find love again

Did you ever feel it could be possible

After all your good things came to an end

Red, orange, yellow

Pink, purple, and deep, deep blue

Maybe we can take a chance on something we thought we lost

Just me and you.

Yeah, I chased a few dreams

I outlived a few others

Some of them burned passionately

But the big ones just seemed to sputter

And you, you’ve been round the block several times

Waiting on some happily ever after

For every little victory

There seemed to be ten bigger disasters

It’s so easy to get cynical

And say true love doesn’t really exist

But I’ve come here to tell you

It doesn’t have to be like this

Red, orange, yellow

All the purples, pinks, and deepest blues

The long hard day at last is gone

Now let’s go into the night—just me and you.

Red, orange, yellow

Pink, purple, and twilight blue

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Than in this mystic sunset with you.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Mystic Sunset" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be / than in this mystic sunset with you.

I say it all the time: I've seen sunsets all around the world, and the most beautiful ones are in my old hometown, Long Beach, New York.

This song came about after I moved back to the East Coast from my first spell in Los Angeles. I began haunting my old hometown regularly, and more often than not I'd find myself there as the sun was going down. I had tentatively begun dating again after having gone through a second divorce, a precarious situation at best, and quite often I'd end up on the Long Beach boardwalk with my date just in time for the sunset. It was after several excursions like this that I wrote this song—not for anybody in particular, but just imagining what I would say to someone with whom I'd be finding love again after having had much reason to give up on the idea.

The music playing in my mind when I was writing these lyrics was "Turn Right at Midnight" by Roy Young, with whom I had become friends on MySpace during that social site's heyday. I didn't set my words to that tune, but there is something of a similar groove. Never recorded or performed beyond the four walls of my home studio ... yet.

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