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Updated: Jan 13

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty

Fifty, a hundred, go for the glory

Swing arm straight on, successful sortie

It’s all right

Ten gets you closer, twenty a bit further

Thirty closer to the edge, forty looks of murder

It’s that fifty we’re aiming for, the great inserter

Well it’s all right

Don’t bounce it off the wall just to try to get that hundred

Shoot too far and zero is the price to pay when you blunder it

But you can’t resist the risk to miss

It’s the nightly addiction.

Quarter triple play, nine chances

To give it all you got let down those defenses

Throw to the wind all the consequences

It’s all right

And when we’ve exhausted all our tries

With heady victory blinding our eyes

We’ll pool our tickets and go for the prize

Well it’s all right

Fire trails behind that ball on its way to the top

Smoke trails in the aisle, don’t want this thing to ever stop

On a roll to that maximum goal

It’s our nightly addiction

Each night we take our dependency and feed it

We build up our resolve and then defeat it

‘Cause we don’t just want it, we need it

Reckless dereliction

The smitten affliction

The nightly addiction

The nightly addiction …

I got that one-hand drive right up your alley

Till the highest score is my final tally

I’ll be the champion in your arcade rally

It’s all right (if you just let me)

It ain’t just el-cheapo action

It ain’t just quick-fix satisfaction

It’s my intense unbridled passion

Well it’s all right (you’re gonna get me)

Now it’s your game ‘cause the rules you made, so follow ‘em to the letter

And if you score high, great, but if you don’t, then even better

It’ll be my delight to set you right

In this nightly addiction

Love is a game of skee ball, baby

This kind of love is a game of skee ball, baby

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Space Skee Ball" - AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Love is a game of skee ball, bay-beh.

This is, quite simply, a song about an illicit affair, told metaphorically via the game of skee ball. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that I was involved in both, shortly after I moved to the Jersey Shore in the early 1990s.

Musically, I took the bass line from Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and turned it into a minor key, and constructed the whole song around that groove. While attending Brookdale Community College some time later in the decade, I took courses in electronic music, and one of the songs I produced in the school music lab was this one, performed on an array of synths. Playing it back to a friend who frequented local dance clubs, she remarked that she never imagined I'd make "club music," but there you are.

I made this part of the latter 'chapters' of my Soul In Exile opus, and will probably record it with a full band in the near future. It might lose some of its purported 'danciness,' but such is the price to pay.

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