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Daily Lyric: NO SONG

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

No song yesterday

No song today

I’m avoiding something

What it is I can’t say

Double pages yesterday

No pages today

Something’s in me somewhere

But I can’t bring it out, no way

It’s easier for me to roll over and go to sleep

Than to face myself with paper and pen

It’s easier to make excuses than to get up and keep

The commitments I made to myself back when

No song yesterday

No song today

The music’s in my mind

The words I can’t say

Maybe I’ll write

On time I’ll squeeze or borrow

Maybe I’ll forget it

and pick it up tomorrow

maybe I’ll steal chances

When I think nobody’s looking

Maybe I’ll get in trouble

Or maybe I’ll lose my footing

No song yesterday

No song today

But hey look at this

I wrote one anyway

No song yesterday

But at least one song today

It isn’t so bad

I guess I found what to say.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Heshy drawing a blank
I’m avoiding something, what it is I can’t say.

Sometimes it's all so much easier to procrastinate than actually take action and responsibility for that action. It's a shame, though, because you might actually have something important to say but then you cheat yourself and the world of it by just rolling over and going back to sleep. I know, I've done this too many times, and I still struggle with it.

This song goes back to the early 2000s, when I was dealing with just this issue. Still no music for it.

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