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What do I write about, so late in the day?

Seems like I’m stuck for something to say.

The reservoir’s dried up, the supply has run out

And I don’t know what there is to sing about.

Metadiscourse is useless, but that’s all that’s left

Once the muse has flown and left me bereft

Of any inspiration to find my own voice

But I have to write something—I’ve no other choice.

Yeah yeah yeah, put words in my mouth

It’s time for me to hit the road and head south

No no no, there’s no thoughts in my head

All the great lines have been written and said.

Why do I write songs about writing songs?

Why is my Big Project taking so long?

Why can’t I just sit down and do the work?

Why don’t I just approach and not lurk?

Why why why is the question it seems

Like my friend PH, I’m coming apart at the dreams

The answer, right now, is nowhere to be found

I gotta get moving, and not just hang around.

Yeah yeah yeah ...

How do I go about fixing this mess?

I’m totally clueless, it’s anybody’s guess.

I can see the long term, but I’m lost in the short

And some stiff crosscurrents undermine my support.

Where do I go once I get out of here?

I’ve got the motor running, but I don’t know which way to steer.

And when do I know when I’ve reached the right place?

I don’t know where to exit, though the signs are right there in my face.

Yeah yeah yeah ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"The Reservoir's Dried Up" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The reservoir’s dried up, the supply has run out.

Another one from the period immediately after starting my career as pharmaceutical-advertising editor. All my energy seemed to go into my new job, and nothing was left for the songwriting or other endeavors. The curious thing, though, is that when I found myself without anything to write about, I wrote about having nothing to write about, and voilà, a new song. Amazing how that happens.

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