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Daily Lyric: LEBANON, FEB. 4, 1986

Updated: Jan 30

Hey boys

Turn on that rock’n’roll!

Riding in the back of an open jeep

Gotta keep my eyes open, can’t think of sleep

In the middle of the night or in the light of day

If a car tries to pass I’m gonna blow him away

No funny business

Take your eyes off the road and you can get blown sky-high

This enemy means business

But one false move and he can kiss his life goodbye

Put your clip in, load your gun

You’re going into Lebanon

This ain’t no picnic you’re going on

You don’t take chances in Lebanon

Somebody with experience

Can tell you more than some yutz who kvetches about what he doesn’t know

You gotta be there to believe it

And see the real thing, not the political sideshow

Put your clip in, load your gun ...

All is quiet on the northern front

And I’m looking down on a wide green valley

Watching the sunset over the sea from a hilltop outpost

This country is so damn beautiful but just as deadly

Put your clip in, load your gun ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

L: Looking over my FN-MAG. Mt. Hermon barely visible on the horizon. R: My driver and I after we reached our destination.

On February 4, 1986, one of my officers approached me and told me to get ready to take a ride into Lebanon. I was to ride on he back of a jeep protecting a supply caravan, and he gave me three simple orders: (1) Do not let anybody pass. (2) If they signal or otherwise get ready to pass, aim the gun at them and gesture to them to stop. (3) If they actually attempt to pass, open fire, period. Take no chances on drive-bys, ambushes, or kidnaps. It was my first trip into the war-torn country and quite honestly, I was terrified. But I kept my cool, kept my eyes on the road, and didn't let anyone pass. There was no need to open fire ... the locals were well aware of the situation.

Fortunately there were no incidents on my trip. We reached our destination, the caravan unloaded its cargo, and we returned safely to Israel.

In retrospect, I got lucky. Many Israelis and Lebanese lost their lives during that time. One friend of mine on patrol not far away from where I was saw three comrades kidnapped right in front of his eyes. You could not let your alertness slip for a second in that place.

As for the song itself ... I scribbled the lyrics once I returned to base, with the music for The Doors' version of "Who Do You Love" in mind. Never played.

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