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It’s a misty, rainy night

Temperature’s dropping fast

How many times did I walk like this alone

Playing back the past

I don’t spend much time asking myself why I got the blues

I just tell it like it is

‘Cause making sense of this life is like riding a train

Oh yes it is

Once upon a time we used to live

Just like them tramps in Born To Run

But we can’t run away

Life keeps rolling on

Like a rolling heartbeat

The train keeps on rolling

Like a rolling heartbeat

I lay back and think of all the crap

That I’ve been through in my lifetime

It hurts to think

And at the same time I can’t help but remember all the good times

With a grin and a wink

Oh give me some music to ease the pain

Play that saxophone

It feels so strong walking out in the rain

Walking all alone

Oh I need, I need, I need that tune

Play it for me

Oh babe, oh babe, I wanna shoot for the moon

To be all I can be

You can’t go back to where you grew up

You can’t go back, it’s been lost or stolen

You can’t go back, you can only remember

Ain’t no maniac gonna stop time rollin’

Like a rolling heartbeat

The show must go on

Like a rolling heartbeat

These days I don’t talk much

It ain’t worth my while

I don’t joke around much anymore

At the most I’ll just smile

But I know that though I can’t ever go back

And things will never be the same

I’m always looking at what’s ahead on the tracks

And I never feel ashamed

I never feel ashamed

‘Cause when I see what I want

And I think I know that I’m home

I’ll get off that train

I’ll get off that train . . .

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Misty rainy night on the Asbury Park boardwalk, 1991
It's a misty, rainy night ...

This song dates back to the last days of my service in the Israeli army. After three long years I was finally seeing the end, and I was pondering the immediate future and life outside the military framework, which for me had been on hold while all my friends back in the USA, who did not serve, went on with their lives. One night off base, I found myself wandering through the old neighborhood in Jerusalem where my high school campus had been (it had since been moved to a more suburban location) and I began thinking of all those friends who had been in school with me during that tumultuous, adventurous period only five years earlier. And of course, a sense of maudlin melancholy set in as I realized those days were over, and it's time to get ready to go out into the world and chase my dreams. Several years later I was at the Jersey Shore, in the throes of chasing those dreams, but lo and behold, I found myself wandering down the Asbury Park boardwalk alone on a misty, rainy night, pondering the people and past times I had known in the area, wondering if there was any point in revisiting all that. I never quite got a satisfactory answer to all those ponderings and wonderings ... but I did get a cool song, which became one of my set closers whenever I played solo (depending on the mood of the audience, I'd either end with the upbeat, rousing "I Can't Get Protection" or this one).

For a long time, as a result of those late-night boardwalk ponderings and the song having been included in sets I played at the Shore, I had thought to include it in my Shore-influenced magnum opus Soul In Exile, but lately I've been rethinking that idea. Instead, I recorded it at Bruce Tunkel's Beanland Studio, in piano-and-voice-only format, designed to showcase my singer-songwriterness in preparation for a new round of solo shows.

It may or may not end up in full-band format as part of the extended Soul In Exile ... the jury is out. In the meantime, enjoy this version and come see me play sometime soon.

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