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Updated: Feb 5

Sara, I can’t figure out who you are

And why you move me to sing to you

I can’t see you from a-near or afar

But there’s something somewhere that rings so true

Sara, there’s just something I got to say

Though I don’t know what you mean to me

So give me a minute of your busy day

Let me say these words, then I’ll let you be.

Sara, don’t let your wheels turn vainly

Don’t mindlessly give away the whole store

Sara, don’t let your girth get so ungainly

Like the generation that came before

Sara, don’t let your engine run idly

Don’t let your butt stick up in the air

Sara, don’t you kick your legs out wildly

Like a population segment who can’t be bothered to care.

Sara, are you the girl I met last summer

Or my roommate’s daughter from my season in hell

Are you this seashore town’s best drummer

Or are you that waitress from that old hotel

Sara, are you an apparition from a time gone by

Or are you a spirit passing through

Don’t know if you’re staying or if you got to fly

But somehow I got to get this message to you.

Sara, don’t let your wheels turn vainly ...

Sara, I’ve been sitting here with my back burned

Wondering if our paths will ever cross

I’ve been observing and getting all my facts learned

But I’m ready to write you off as a total loss

An enigma, a mystery, a distant pulsar

I send signals in the hopes you’ll detect

Are you out there somewhere orbiting your star

Or will you come down here to collect.

Sara, don’t let your wheels turn vainly ...

Sara, don’t let your efforts go wasted

Don’t throw all your good sense to the wind

Sara, don’t spit out before you tasted

And don’t march off untrained or undisciplined

Sara, you hold the key to the universe

In ways I can’t begin to describe

Use your power to reverse the curse

In the name of the mother of the tribe.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Spinning in Vain" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.

I have no idea of what any of this means, or what message it is supposed to convey. There were several Saras (or Sarahs) that have crossed my path along my journey, and this could be about any of them or none of them. I do know that I wrote this on the beach in Seaside Heights during the summer of 2006, on a Sunday afternoon when my back got severely sunburned as a side effect of the St. John's Wort I was taking at the time. If nothing else, the song involves a bit of esoteric, intelligent-sounding wordplay. But that's all it is.

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