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She’s the one I’ve been waiting for so long

Ever since the day we first connected

She’s the one in that rock’n’roll song

And she’s looking just like I expected

She comes to me from so far away

From the other side of this world

She comes to me, what else can I say

She runs rings around the local girls.

We’re gonna go out walking and make the frumies stop and stare

Arms around each other like we don’t care

We’re gonna show all the terminally hip and cool

That they’re nothing but a pack of clueless fools …

She’s my rebellion

Me and her, we’re gonna blow the walls down

She’s my rebellion

Me and her, we’re gonna rock this town.

She's the girl with who I wanna be seen

And with who I’m gonna openly flirt

She’s high heels and sprayed on jeans

Where everyone else is flats and skirts

She makes the others look like the frumps they are

She flies high above the rest

She is the greatest one by far

And with her, I’m up there with the best

We’re gonna go out strutting and make the folks drop their jaws

Ram through the fences they built ‘round their laws

We’re gonna show the self-declared kings of the school

That tonight in this town, we’re the ones who rule …

She’s my rebellion ...

She’s the princess of the Jersey Shore

But no one here knows what that means

They don’t see that there’s so much more

Than these silly played out local scenes

But she’s the one that’s gonna show

That style’s got another definition

And when she gets through, everyone’s gonna know

That there’s so much more than sticking to tradition

We’re gonna fall in love just this one night

We’re gonna show it to the world and be quite the sight

And long after she’s gone, all my friends’ll still ask me

Who was that girl, man? Who was she?

She’s my rebellion ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"She's My Rebellion" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Arms around each other like we don’t care.

She was my childhood crush, same as the one I had fallen in love with as a hormone-addled 13-year-old during Thanksgiving weekend 1978 ... only all grown up and ready to rock, visiting me in Israel several years later (with the hormones still raging). We were both students at ostensibly modern orthodox high schools, she in New Jersey, and I in Rehovot, Israel, and we were both sick of being circumscribed by those religious restrictions on socializing and fraternizing between the sexes ... so something as simple and innocent as walking through the streets with arms around each other, in a community like that, was seen as a major flouting of the unspoken rules. No music was ever written for the lyric, although I imagined something in an upbeat 1950s or early-1960s rock'n'roll or rockabilly style. Because of the person in question, I had considered adding it to the Soul In Exile canon, but decided not to.


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