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Daily Lyric: SHE’S SO NICE

I tried to get to her for a long time

There was some way we had to meet

I couldn’t keep on going

Playing cat and mouse in the street

So I called her on the phone

It was the only thing to do

I told her I waited so long, so long, so long

Just to get to talk to you

She said, What took you so long?

I’ve been dying to find out who you are!

I guess my tongue was tied

‘Cause I was trying too hard

So I took her on a trip

On Independence Day

I said, You pleasantly surprised me

When you said you’d come with me today

She said, Today is an experiment

I wanna know your personality

On the way back I asked her, How did I do?

She said, Don’t dwell on technicalities

I sat on pins and needles

Though I knew I shouldn’t ask

Soon it was time to say goodbye

But when she got off the bus, she said, You passed!

Well, she’s so nice

No two ways about it

I got no reason to doubt it

Yeah, she’s so nice

We started going out

And everything went well

Though she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend

But what the hell!

I might never be all hers

She might never be all mine

It might never actually be love

But that’ll suit us just fine

A year ago I never thought

That it would turn out like this

I don’t know where we’ll go from here

But it only starts from the first kiss

Well, she’s so nice ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"She's So Nice" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
No two ways about it, I got no reason to doubt it.

This song (which is in no way related to the 2017 song by the same title!) is based on a brief romantic episode of mine from the mid-1980s. "She" here was someone I first laid eyes on at the Laromme (now Inbal) Hotel in Jerusalem during Passover 1985, a month before I started my army service. I watched her from afar but didn't get up the guts to approach her until the holiday was over, and then it was too late ... she and her family had checked out. Then a year or so later I spied her hanging out downtown with her posse of gap-year friends, and so I penned a song to her and posted it for her and everyone else to see on the famous bulletin board at Richie's Pizza, which was the hub of communications for English speakers seeking each other in the holy city. Sure enough, she responded with a note of her own, and the adventure began as described in the lyrics. Postscript: There was no "first kiss" as hoped for in the last line of the last verse—when I tried following up on this date, she very sweetly said she didn't think we would work, as she observed that I was more of a romantic while she was more of a jock. I did not see that one coming. Musically, this was a composite of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's hit "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" (minus the stutter) and the Doors' "Light My Fire." Banged out on the piano numerous times but never recorded or performed. Regarding the adjective "nice" ... a friend remarked to me that I need a better word to describe someone I've fallen for, because "nice" is just one of those words devoid of any real meaning. Maybe he was right, but there was simply no better way to express it ... the way she treated me was just so ... nice. What else is there to say?

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