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Updated: Feb 24

My face is burning

My back is freezing

If I turn over it’ll be reverse

I didn’t give up smoking

I gave up breathing

The breathing was so much worse

When you’re sick in bed

And your temperature’s high

You do so much thinkin’

And you don’t even try

Better write it all down

Before you forget

Before your dreams get washed

Away in your sweat

Oh babe I’m real

Sick sick sick

My brains they feel

Six feet thick

Oh I’m so sick it feels like an overload

I can’t go to sleep when I feel like I’m going to explode

My ear is on fire

My lips get dryer

As my fever gets higher

(Oh babe I’m so sick)

My bones are aching

My hands are quaking

The heat isn’t breaking

(Oh babe I’m so sick)

My tubes are so congested

My system’s so infested

I just can’t get rested

(Oh babe I’m so sick)

I can’t think straight

I can’t concentrate

Every little sound grates

(Oh babe I’m so sick)

When you’re sick in bed

With so much more than a cold

You get so stopped up

Your life is on hold

I’m hot as hell

Sick sick sick

I better get well

Quick quick quick

My insides go

Tick tick tick

Oh babe I’m so

Sick sick sick

I’m so ill I got chills all the pills don’t seem to help me

I’m so beat I can’t eat and the heat is gonna melt me

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Sick sick sick" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
When you’re sick in bed with so much more than a cold, you get so stopped up your life is on hold.

This one goes back to my army years. There are few things worse, when you're generally healthy, than being ill when you're stuck on base and you pretty much have to get through it yourself. This happened several times during the second half of my service. In reality, though, it probably felt more the way I described in the lyrics than it actually was.

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