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This town is full of garbage, the bars are full of crap

The girls they sound like chickens, I wish they’d shut their trap

The guys they think they’re so strong, but pull them tight they’ll snap

Don’t you know they’re just walking through the trash

They’re walking round in circles through the trash

Talking no sense at all, just talking trash

You know out here on this street everyone’s a schmuck

Either a JAP or a dib, but either way a schmuck

And we’re the only decent guys and we’re stuck

Walking on the wild side, all dressed in black

Waiting for the man who just sits there in the back

Step into the alley and feel your eardrums crack

It’s Saturday night, walking through the trash

Blowing off steam, just walking through the trash

And all the local hangouts are playing trash

This whole scene is nothing but a joke

So much to do but it’s all a joke

Another weekend burnt, gone up in smoke

Born in the sixties, ten years too young

Grew up in the seventies but it wasn’t any fun

Cut loose in the eighties but there’s nowhere to run

In the nineties we’re all walking through the trash

Selling our hearts for nothing but trash

Selling our souls for nothing but cash

Now everything in life is just a chore

And everything in town is just a bore

None of it matters to me anymore

Now everything they tell you is a lie

They make it all sound true but it’s a lie

It’s all so sick, sometimes you want to die

It’s all a lie, walking through the trash

The years creep by, walking through the trash

Just to die, walking through the trash

Our life is in the trash

Above our heads in trash

Buried in the trash

Walking through the trash

Walking through the trash

Walking through the trash

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "Walking Through the Trash" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Lou Reed walking through the trash in Jerusalem

My attempt at a Lou Reed–type song set in Jerusalem in the late 1980s, based on my experiences on the scene during the last few months of my army service. Never recorded or performed.

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