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Daily Lyric: STOPPED

Stopped on the tracks

Not moving forward, not moving back

Emergency work up ahead

Shoring up the ballast in the track bed

Stopped in the road

Some truck dropped its load

See the wreckage all twisted and gnarled

And for now, all the traffic is snarled

We’re stopped

Far away from any way station

We’re stopped

In a sea of static aggravation

Stopped, middle of nowhere

Helicopters hanging in midair

This must be something tremendous

Horrific and horrendous

Stopped on the way to the city

The picture isn’t looking pretty

All the arteries are clogged

Any movement is just bogged

We’re stopped

No ride could ever be smooth

We’re stopped

Why the hell can’t we just move

Stopped on the tracks

Can’t go forward, can’t go back

Too many trains where the tracks merge

Not enough maneuvering room where the tracks diverge

Stopped, on the way home

Stuck in an unknown nether zone

Why the hell aren’t we moving

The whole fakakteh system needs some improving

We’re stopped

Ever other way is going faster

We’re stopped

Along with everything before and after

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Stopped" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
We’re stopped, far away from any way station.

This lyric dates back to the latter half of the 2000s, while I was still living at the Jersey Shore but commuting via New Jersey Transit into New York City. Four hours a day between my home and my office, two hours each way, and that's without getting stopped. With my spare time so precious, even the slightest delay is too much. And by extension, getting stopped on the tracks becomes a metaphor for getting stopped in life, unable to make any progress. Written as part of a whole slew of commute-related songs on my morning commute during that era, when it was all so new to me. Never recorded or performed.

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